Allaaeldin Abumattar

Mr Abumattar has participated in several clinical trials and conducted many high-quality audits. He takes an active part in all aspects of clinical governance activities within the Great Western Hospitals Ophthalmology Department. 

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Mr. Abumattar's Biography

Mr Abumattar possesses an extensive amount of experience in relation to the management of eyelid conditions and disorders, such as lower lid and upper lid malposition surgery, therapeutic botulinum toxin injection as an effective treatment option for facial dystonia and thyroid eye disease. Impressively, Mr Abumattar developed and provided a structured approach to both the data collection and decision-making in relation to the overall management of thyroid eye disease, which, in 2014, was presented to The British Oculoplastic Surgery Society.


Following his graduation in 1994; obtaining a degree in medicine from the established Al Fateh University; Mr Abumattar undertook his training in ophthalmology at both the El Nasir Ophthalmic Hospital and the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital. He then moved to the UK in 2001, immediately undertaking training posts at the Ayrshire and Arran Acute Hospitals Trust. Following this, he began a post at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where he was awarded with the SAS (Staff grade and Associate Specialists) Clinical Discretionary Award in 2006.


Throughout his career, Mr Abumattar has developed quite the interest in the incorporation of standard and premium implant for cataract surgery and also for effectively correcting astigmatism. He has taught and trained many in the area of ophthalmology to-date, and has engaged himself in clinical trials. He also won the Best Presentation Prize in the SAS Regional Academic Study Day, 2013, for his tips for delivering virtually painless ocular injections in the management of age-related macular degeneration study on "Pain Scores Following Intravitreal Injections." In addition to this, Mr. Abumattar most notably held an Honorary Fellowship Post at Moorfields Eye Hospital in 2013.


Moreover, Mr. Abumattar achieved responsibilities as Trust Appraiser, the Director of the Buckinghamshire Postgraduate Ophthalmology Teaching Programme, Member of the Joint Consultation and Negotiating Committee (JCNC) for Doctors and Dentists in Oxfordshire Deanery, representative in The Royal College of Ophthalmologists SAS Group and SAS, representative in Royal College Revalidation sub-committee.

In addition, he was recently awarded the National Clinical Excellence Award of 2021, which is a scheme in England & Wales that rewards consultants who contribute the most to the delivery of safe and high-quality care and the improvement of NHS services.